Fall 2016 Recruitment Photo & Video Shoot – Gamma Phi Beta

The only thing I can compare to my love for my chapter is the process that is sorority recruitment. Not only will my chapter welcome new members, but the entirety of Sacramento State’s Greek community will be welcoming in additional philanthropists, attendees to this year’s volunteer services, and individuals that will contribute greatness to a network of driven young professionals.

My latest project is almost completed: directing a sorority recruitment video and photo shoot. Over the course of Sunday and Monday we filmed and photographed my sisters in the creation of our Recruitment video for this fall. I tackled this project with a tri-faceted game plan showcasing: my sisters connections to each other, our chapter as a piece of Sacramento State, and Greek life as a part of the Sacramento community. Once edited I’ll link or insert everything below! The video will be used as advertisement for Sac State’s #ExploreSacStatePanhellenic campaign. Each of the eight sororities will be accepting new members, to find out more about 2016 Formal Recruitment click HERE. And if you’re like me, (highly influenced by your Public Relations classes) and you enjoy research through social media check out the following hashtags: #newhornet #sacstaterec16 #gogreek.

If you’re wanting to go Greek and you’re on the fence I have one piece of advice for you: as soon as you open your envelope on Bid Day and you see the cursive letters spelling out the chapter you now belong to your heart will feel as full as ever. You’ll know that you are home, you’ll know that you are now a part of something bigger than yourself and you’ll have to learn what a sorority squat is. But above all else: you won’t miss out on one of the best experiences of your college career.


UPDATED: Follow this link to view the video on YouTube!

~And be sure to check out the photos below, taken by Ryan James Chew~

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