First Week of Senior Year? Check!


I’m back on campus at Sacramento State with 18 units to juggle, continuing my internship with FSB Core Strategies, working two jobs, and still making time to enjoy my senior year of college. At first I was highly stressed about working nearly full time, taking more than a full load of college courses, and still participating wholeheartedly in my social life and with the organizations I volunteer for and belong to. But its been one week, I’ve got 17 left of the semester, and I’m ready for the challenge.

So far as the 18 units go I’m thankful that one course is online, and the other coincides with my internship and requires a few general papers for completion. I’m finishing up Public Relations as a major with Coms 187: Issue Management and Case Studies in Public Relations and Coms 158: PR Planning and Management. So far both of these classes are going to be giving me a great idea of “the real world” so far as PR goes…I hate that term, because honestly this is the real world even though I haven’t graduated yet. I’m also taking Coms 152: Freedom of Speech, because I’m a bit of a history buff and a course circling the first amendment seemed right up my alley for an upper division elective.

As long as I don’t hear any Bio majors telling their friends that Coms is an easy major I’ll be happy for the rest of the semester.

Good news? Since I’m so busy I won’t have time to spend any money and it will help me save to pay off loans down the road and finally get rid of my ’94 Honda Accord, Becky. Bless her heart, those 308,000 miles are looking a little scary on the odometer.


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