What does 2017 look like for a soon-to-be college graduate?

Hi! It certainly has been a while since my last post, I hope that if you are reading this your holidays were filled with food and laughs, your best friends and dearest family members.

I spent my holidays this year around my loved ones in Sacramento, Roseville and Concord and Walnut Creek and for the rest of the break I’ve been snowboarding and working before classes start. Once my classes begin I will be knee deep in my very last semester of college…ever! It will be an amazing feeling to have the single responsibility of working rather than two jobs, sorority, an internship, and somehow making time for my friends and family. To give you a glimpse of what 2017 looks like for me here is a small calendar.

February 1st I move into my new apartment! This is so big for me, I will be living by myself and cultivating adult possessions. At this point all I have left to find is a nice couch. Once I am all moved in I plan on posting something that goes back to my first college major – Interior Design. I will link it HERE.

In March I’ll be taking a short break during school spring break to travel north with my boyfriend Ryan, he will be photographing everything along the way and posting it HERE. He’s an amazing photographer. Our trip will consist of Mt. Bachelor, Deschutes Brewery, and Portland. We both love snow sports, craft beer, and adventure so this trip is promising to be a spectacular one!

On the note of photography, my next big purchase will be a ~professional~ camera. I am hell bent on breaking into the world of photography. My newest skill I’m hoping to polish up is content creation. I have the Adobe Creative Suite and I’m slowly but surely learning about graphic design and vectors and PNGs. I want to be able to create ANYTHING.

April will definitely be a party month. I say this because my graduation ceremony is on May 19th and I can’t imagine feeling anyway but ecstatic for the whole month leading up to the big day! The second big day of the year will be in July, my cousin has invited me to be her bridesmaid and therefore returning to the “party month” of April…we are going to VEGAS for her bachelorette party the 21st through the 23rd. I’ve never been to Vegas, but I promise to detail the adventure HERE.

I am truly grateful for all of the opportunities I have had in 2016. There were certainly times I wanted to give up…when I would work all three jobs in one day and go home to stay up all night finishing a paper or studying for an exam, or when I would bartend deep into the night and wake up at 5:30  AM to open the gym at Sacramento State…but I am here in 2017! I will graduate on May 19th…it sounds completely crazy but I am so thrilled.


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