So…I’m getting a puppy!

Madi, aren’t you busy enough?

Yes. Yes I am. But I also have the time, money, and desire to bring a little fur baby into my family and I made the decision to get a puppy.

I have wanted a Pembroke Welsh Corgi since I was in the 8th grade. I love their little legs and fluffy butts and I can’t wait anymore. The original plan was to find my pet once I graduate in May as a sort of graduation present to myself. I began my search for a reputable breeder, rescue dog or other connection to finding myself a little Pembroke pup last month.

My new little addition will come home mid-March, he was born on January 17th and is too young to come home at the moment. I’ve taken to purchasing toys and trinkets whenever I find myself in the doggy aisle at Target lately. Below are a few pictures of the precious little baby, I’ve already decided his name will be Dexter!

To watch Dexter’s growth with me please follow him on Instagram.



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