Work Wear: Dressing Professionally – With Style

As I am about to graduate college I am preparing for a transition in wardrobe. While my favorite outfit is comfy jeans, sandals or converse and a cute t-shirt or tank that go-to is more like a do-not-go-to in work wear. Learning to dress the part for work has come to me through my experience in internships and sorority.

Work Wear

This infographic I made should help you out if you are new to dressing for work or even if you are wanting to update your style a little.

The best way to create a professional wardrobe is to establish which colors and styles you feel confident in and are appropriate for your industry. Public Relations as an industry can be both restrictive and a little more laid back depending on the company or agency you work for and clients you work with. When you work in an industry that is a little more laid back you may have more room to wear floral and geometric prints or bright colors, but if you have a more “serious” work environment you’ll want to stick to colors like navy, taupe, black, white and gray. I tend to wear a lot of deep colors like the plumb pictured in the infographic along with the basics. It is not too crazy of a color but still shows off my personal style.

The best way to build a wardrobe is to collect pieces that can be worn on their own with other items you already own and items that will be easily incorporated together. The staple pieces listed in the infographic should give you a great start to clothes you’ll be confident in in the workplace.

When it comes to slacks they can be flare, boot cut, or straight leg and even skinny. It all depends on your work environment and your comfort level. Clothing worn to work should never be so tight that it would be uncomfortable or that you might see someone wearing the same thing out to a bar or club in the evening. The staple slacks in my closet are black, tan, and a heather gray. I have two pairs of boot cut and two straight leg. My favorite place for work slacks is Express. If your workplace is a little more relaxed you can try out colors like red or teal in the spring and summer time, or even a nice printed pant.

Blazers pull a look all together, they also provide a little flexibility with tops that may be inappropriate without covering your shoulders. I have a lot of blazers but you should be fine with two or three in varying colors. The blazer I wear the most is definitely my black blazer, I do have a blush colored blazer that I like to wear as well however pink is not always an appropriate color for the work place. I’ve gotten my blazers at Forever 21, Express and Target even! My “nice coat” is a black peacoat from Macy’s that I wear almost everyday in the rain-y months. I have been thinking I’d like to get a classic trench coat as well.

Now onto my favorite subject: SHOES!!!

I have way too many pairs of heels and booties too count and it very well could be an addiction. When it comes to work you should be fine with 2 or 3 pairs of either pumps no taller than 3-4 inches and flats for the days you do not feel like wearing tall shoes! Some companies allow you to have a “casual Friday” where it might be appropriate to wear loafers like Sperry’s or some rain boots if you live wear the weather permits. One of my favorite outfits to wear is a white button down, black skinny slacks and a pair of suede nude heels. A good way to pick out comfortable shoes is to buy heels with a thicker heel or flats with thicker soles.

The last staple on my list is a good black pencil skirt. To be completely honest I don’t wear mine to the office a lot but it makes you feel like the most professional person in the room to have one on!

With these tips and your own style I think anyone can look both stylish and professional in the work place šŸ™‚


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